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We are your reference company for PEST CONTROL and insect treatment in Girona.

Pest Control

Lluita Integral, pest control

Founded in 2015, Lluita Integral was born with the philosophy of helping families and businesses to combat their insect problems inside their homes and businesses specializing in insect treatment and pest control with the aim of feeling comfortable in our home and get a clean and professional image of our premises.

From Lluita Integral we want your family, your guests and your clients to feel free of pests of those guests that we do not want that we do not want to enter in our home or in our business.

Located in Girona, we offer our services to the whole province and all Catalonia, growing together to combat the release of insects and pests nationwide.

Pest Control
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Pest control

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We are your company specialized in pest prevention and control.

Lluita Integral, specialists in pest control

We are at your disposal to eliminate any type of pests. We disinfect any type of infrastructure such as homes, premises, factories or open centers such as swimming pools and in different sectors such as Hospitality, Commerce, Offices, Catering, Logistics, Food or Public Administration.

Always Responsible

Committed to people and the environment.

+20 years of experience

A long history specializing in pest control.


Specialized in bugs

LLuita Integral

En Lluita Integral velamos para ofrecer a nuestros clientes un excelente servicio de tratamiento y control de plagas utilizando los productos de la calidad más alta, poniendo especial énfasis en que resulten inofensivos para los seres vivos y para el medio ambiente.


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