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We are your company specialized in control, prevention and treatment of legionella in Girona.

Legionella bacteria can be found in natural aquatic environments such as rivers, lakes or hot springs, in small concentrations and can live in very diverse environmental conditions. When the concentration of this bacteria increases, colonizing water facilities, it reaches the drinking water distribution system and becomes a risk for people.

As its only route of transmission is airborne, Legionella can infect the population if contaminated water is sprayed through aerosols, so that the bacteria can be transported through the air in small droplets and inhaled by people.

At Lluita Integral we act in the development and implementation of technical protocols for the prevention and control of this in the private, urban and industrial environment. It will be taken into account that disinfection will not be effective if it is not accompanied by exhaustive cleaning.

Plan against Legionella

We are your Legionella disinfection company

To control legionella we can take a series of measures that will help us completely disinfect the bacteria.

Legionella can be controlled through a variety of strategies. These include using an appropriate water treatment system, regular maintenance of water systems, monitoring chlorine levels, using water filters, thermally treating water, using chemical additives, and Periodic disinfection of water systems. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is also recommended for personnel working with water management and maintenance of water systems.e adequate water, regular maintenance of water systems, monitoring water levels of chlorine, the use of water filters, thermal treatment of water, the use of chemical additives and the periodic disinfection of water systems.

Cleaning and disinfection will be carried out at least once a year in the completed installation and, in addition, in the following cases:

When the installation is launched for the first time.
after a top stop in a month.
After a repair or structural modification.
When a general review advises it.
When determined by the health authority..

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